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Heritage Club

One Of The First
United Way Planned Giving Societies In The Country

With a will, trust, beneficiary designation, or any planned gift benefitting United Way of Santa Barbara County, you can make an investment in the future success of the lives of children and families. With this gift that happens later, you can help build resilient communities. You can improve school readiness and academic achievement, financial empowerment, and crisis response and recovery in Santa Barbara County.

Planned Giving donors can become members of the Heritage Club. The Heritage Club honors forward-thinking individuals choosing to improve the lives of children and families in our community by including United Way in their estate plans. Through wisely planned gifts, members change lives for generations to come, providing perpetual support for United Way of Santa Barbara County's unique and innovative programs. The Heritage Club was established in 1982, as one of the first United Way planned giving societies in the county.

All Heritage Club members are invited to the annual Heritage Club Luncheon. This is an opportunity for members to gather and celebrate with each other and the work their gifts make possible. Members are invited, but not required, to be noted as Heritage Club members in the Annual Impact Report and on the Donor Honor Roll in the United Way board room.

Heritage Club members make a planned gift or a current gift to the endowment. Planned gifts may be revocable or irrevocable. Gifts come in many forms: bequests, retirement accounts, life Insurance, CRUTS, CRATS, donor advised funds and more. Your gift to United Way can be a specific asset or dollar amount bequest, a percentage bequest or a residual request.

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